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Holy Ghost School Mission Statement

We strive to educate the child in areas of spiritual, academic, and social growth, with the belief that each child is unique and gifted by God. Recognizing that the primary educators of the child are the parents, our goal is to work closely and co-operatively with the family, to provide an environment in which each student can develop to his or her full potential.

Spiritually, Our School Community Believes That We Should:
Uphold Jesus as a role model to guide us in our daily lives.
Strive to build a loving, caring, and supportive faith community.
Develop our sacramental life to the fullest academically.

Academically, Our School Goals Are To:
Promote a lifelong love of learning.
Challenge students to achieve academic excellence and encourage students to work to their full potential while recognizing individual abilities.
Promote teacher development and professional growth.
Educate our students through programs which follow the Manitoba Education Curriculum guidelines.

Socially, We Promote:
Christian morals and values to educate students to be responsible citizens.
Respect towards all people regardless of individual differences.
Development of self discipline and a sense of responsibility among students.




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