Benefits of MFIS Membership

The Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools exists to serve the Funded Independent Schools of Manitoba.  MFIS seeks to provide a variety of benefits and services to member schools.

1. Represent the interests and perspectives of independent schools to the Provincial Government. MFIS signed the funding agreement with the Government of Manitoba on behalf of Manitoba’s independent schools. MFIS continues to build a strong working relationship with Government by:

  • Meeting annually with the Finance Branch to discuss the present funding received by independent schools;
  • Meeting annually with the Minister of Education to articulate the independent school perspective;
  • Consulting with Manitoba Education’s Independent Education Unit; and,
  • Acting as a resource for Manitoba Education on all matters regarding independent schools.

2. Providing quality professional development to independent school teachers and administrators:

  • Annual in-service for new teachers;
  • Biennial conference for educators;
  • Biennial conference for administrators; and,
  • Workshops on current educational trends and issues.

3. Support our schools in meeting the growing demand for accountability from the government.

4. Communication with other member schools and the general public through a variety of means including the MFIS website.

5. Act as a central office for external agencies that prefer to communicate with one office rather than each school individually.

6. Provide representation for independent schools on a variety of provincial educational organizations:

  • Serves as a facilitator for Manitoba’s Legislative Page program;
  • Sponsoring partner in the Minister’s Celebration of Excellence in Teaching Awards since it’s inception;
  • Facilitator for an Independent School Representative to sit on the Selection Committee for the Minister’s Celebration of Excellence in Teaching Awards; and,
  • Serves as member of external committees as an “educational partner” in education in Manitoba.

7. Provision of Film Licenses at a lower cost with ACF and Criterion Film Licensing Companies.

8. Administration of the French Grants on behalf of independent schools to ensure that all independent schools receive their Basic French Grant monies.

9. Provide opportunities to network with other members of the independent schools community:

  • Annual Dinner to celebrate and highlight independent Education in the province;
  • Professional development events; and,
  • Networking sessions.

10. Communicate to schools regarding new information relevant to Manitoba’s independent schools.