Who does MFIS represent?

The Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools is the umbrella organization for funded, non-profit independent schools in the Province of Manitoba. It represents 54 schools who serve those families in Manitoba that support parental choice, diversity and excellence in education.  Member schools reflect the diversity of the Manitoba population: Catholic, Mennonite, Canadian Reformed, Anglican, Baptist, Islamic, Jewish, Lutheran, Seventh – Day Adventist, Sikh, Christian non-denominational and non-faith based, as well as serving many ethnic communities.

How many students attend funded independent schools in Manitoba?

There are over 15,000 students in Funded Independent Schools. If considered a school division, funded independent schools would represent the 5th largest student enrolment in Manitoba.

How does MFIS support its member schools?

The mission of MFIS is “To support and encourage high educational standards and the values unique to our various school communities and to represent the interest and concerns of independent schools in Manitoba.” To this end, MFIS fosters cooperation among the independent schools, non-member independent schools, the public school system, educational organizations, and Manitoba Education. It also provides timely professional development to teachers and administrators in member schools and speaks on behalf of independent education on various curricular and educational programming committees and forums in the province.

Our 40th Anniversary Video

Our Logo

Outline of Manitoba represents that we are a Manitoba organization but, more importantly, that we are part of a greater whole in terms of the educational mosaic in the province. (Partners in education) 

Adult and children figures represent Teacher/Parent & Student – arms raised, in expression of joy for learning.

The book is an icon of education/learning and is the foundation of the image and organization 

The words, Independent Schools are bolded in the organization name to highlight/establish their importance. 

Including the tag line CHOICE – DIVERSITY – EXCELLENCE in the logo gives it prominence and offers a clear understanding of core values of the organization.