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Gonzaga Middle School (GMS) of Winnipeg empowers under-served children from low-income families to develop to their full potential while accompanying them on their educational journey from middle school through high school and beyond. It supports students breaking the cycle of poverty by providing an enhanced, holistic, culturally-sensitive, Jesuit-inspired Nativity-model middle school education.

Located in the heart of Point Douglas, GMS provides an enhanced, holistic, Manitoba Education approved, co-educational, culturally-sensitive middle school education to Grade 6-8 students from families in the North End and North East Downtown neighbourhoods of inner-city Winnipeg.

GMS uses the unique middle school educational framework and best practices from Jesuit Nativity model schools and the NativityMiguel Coalition of Schools, adapting them to the community served in Winnipeg and honouring our commitment to reconciliation. In keeping with this model, GMS lowers barriers to educational advancement and success through:

  • Its strong academic program,
  • Longer school day,
  • Before and after school programming,
  • Extended school year (including summer camp weeks),
  • Enrichment activities,
  • Mentoring and Graduate Support Programs (our staff will maintain contact, meet with and provide ongoing support of graduates through high school and post-secondary studies)
  • A Nutrition Program (breakfast, lunch and two snacks),
  • Transportation to and from school,
  • 1-to-1 Technology (individual tablet laptops), and
  • Uniforms and other supports.

The three year Middle School Program allows GMS to develop strong, caring relationships with students and their families, address academic gaps, strengthen student resiliency and prepare students for high school and beyond.

The Graduate Support Program maintains the relationship and support for graduate students through secondary and post-secondary studies, helping them to stay in school and work toward becoming hopeful, confident, morally responsible leaders for love and service of their families and communities.

Applications are invited beginning every December. Interested families should contact the school to arrange an interview.
Admission is based on student and family commitment to the full GMS program and on financial need. GMS is a tuition-free school with only a nominal monthly parent fee expected in support of the broader program GMS offers.




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