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Who we are:

We are a registered charity serving newcomer and former refugee youth ages 12-21 providing specialized, trauma-informed, accredited high school education in a Christ-centered environment. We were established to address the needs of students who are two or more academic years behind their peers. Most of our students are new to Canada. Many have spent years in refugee camps. Others lived in war torn countries where they were unable to go to school. We recognize that newcomer teens face immense personal challenges as they deal with learning the language, adjusting to Canadian culture, adapting to school life, and supporting their families. Freedom International School seeks to fill this gap by providing a Christian education in a caring, supportive environment, with additional emphasis on literacy, leadership and life skills. Freedom International School is accredited by the Province of Manitoba.

Mission Statement:

With a commitment to excellence, Freedom International School provides Christ-centered education that equips students to love and serve God and their community.

Core Values:

  • Empowering newcomer youth to thrive in Canada, by providing a holistic English learning and academic recovery program in an alternative high school setting, helping to prevent dangerous lifestyle choices at the source.
  • Filling educational gaps and teaching English in a tailored, supportive environment, where positive relationships with trained, compassionate educators give the opportunity for newcomer youth to flourish in their new home.
  • Augmenting academics with artistic, athletic, nature-based, hands-on, workplace, and life-skill options.




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