MFIS hosts an Annual Dinner to celebrate Independent education in our Province to which all our member schools and school boards are invited. We also invite representatives from Manitoba Education to join us for this special event. Each year as part of our celebration we showcase artwork and talent from some of our member schools and invite a guest speaker to share their thoughts on a topic relevant to independent education. For more information please click on ANNUAL DINNER


(Annual and semi-annual events)

On alternating years MFIS organizes an Educator’s Conference and an Administrator’s Conference with speakers and topics that reflect the needs of Independent educators and administrators in Manitoba. For information on our Educator’s Conference coming in November 28/2014 please click on the Workshops & Conferences tab in the drop down menu.

Each year MFIS holds a New-To-Teaching In-service for brand new teachers starting in an Independent school. This very popular and important professional development day has been held for the past number of years at a member school.  This in-service is usually held early in the school year with registration in June & September. If you would like further information on this in-service please click on the Workshops & Conferences tab in the drop down menu.

In addition to these events MFIS also facilitates many other professional development opportunities throughout the year. To view a list of the current events in the works please click on Workshops & Conferences .


The MFIS Annual General Meeting is an important event that we would like to encourage all our member schools to attend. It is at this time that we discuss the focus and direction of MFIS taking into account the past, present and future of the organization. At MFIS we believe in the concept of strength in numbers and would like to hear from all our member schools, both big and small, with regards to how we can best serve our membership. The MFIS office is always willing to hear from our membership in this regard, however, we desire all our member schools to come out and lend their support to the issues discussed at our AGM. Each member school will receive official notice of this meeting as well as a proposed agenda at least 14 days prior to the date. Please keep your eyes open for this announcement and we hope to see you at the AGM. For more information on this meeting or to view documents from past meetings please click on AGM .